Day 6/100 : no legs

It’s official. I have no legs left. Just another neighborhood ride for Sunday morning, and even though I only rode a meager 3 miles I simply had no energy whatsoever. It’s not like I’ve been logging many miles at all, but my body is just not used to this kind of exercise every single day. I told that to my cycling friends who rode in the Indiana State Road race today…several of the guys raced about 140 miles total this weekend and Marie won her race (yay Marie!). So being exhausted after only riding 3-9 miles each day has to sound extremely weird to them. Maybe I’ll get better at recovering faster? I sure hope so, because I ended up putting on yoga pants, taking a Tylenol PM and crawling into bed at 9:30 pm last night. Though I admit, getting ten hours of sleep was actually pretty awesome.

Thank you Tinkerbell for keeping my phone dry on my ride.

Day 6/100
Bike: Lapierre
Route: neighborhood loop
Total time: 16:23
Distance: 3.6 miles
Mileage to date: 32 miles (switched to the rounded off Strava summary)
Total time on the bike: 2:27 minutes



P.S. Favorite song on my running playlist right now.


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