Day 10/100 : with a smile on my face

Lately I’ve had some weird mood swings, brought on by the upcoming changes in work, school, life, love, etc etc. None of us can avoid change, so I’m working on my perspective. Everything kind of came together yesterday, for the afternoon at least and for the first time in a long time, I came home at 5:30 p.m. with a smile on my face. I was eager for my ride that evening, excited that my legs weren’t sore, looking forward to the pair of Bontrager commuting pants that are coming in, and while these are all small things, they helped make things okay at least for a little while.

I have to give most of the credit for my positive mood to the Path Less Pedaled. I wanted to wait and write some sort of blog roundup post of outdoorsy, exercise-y blogs I’ve been reading, but I just can’t wait to tell you about these guys. This couple Russ and Laura have been traveling by bike (and sometimes train) for the past few years (with an occasional break) and are an amazing inspiration. I end up with a grin on my face while reading their posts from the road, mainly when they post about camping (I’m having serious camping cravings). But their attitude is incredible! They are great writers, and I can’t get over how much hope and excitement they have for what the world and people have to offer. I’m telling the honest truth when I say that blog has made me more hopeful and eager about having a bike be a bigger part of my life.

Day 10/100
Bike: Lapierre
Route: North on Greenway, south on some county road
Total time: 1:25
Distance: 20.3 miles
Mileage to date: 66 miles
Total time on the bike: 4:54 minutes



P.S. Happy Friday Dancing


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