Day 17/100 : rained out

I planned poorly yesterday (meaning I didn’t plan at all), and ended up missing my ride. My first failed day…boo. Instead of checking the weather to make sure this would work, I just assumed the weather was going to be nice and that I would be able to go on a ride in the evening. So I drove my car to work, then got stuck inside as Muncie received a steady stream of cold rain in the afternoon and evening. I thought that if I ever missed one of my days, it would be because of total lack of motivation – just being tired and lazy. Well with this rainy day, I certainly still just wanted to be in PJs and watch a movie, but I still wanted to ride. It didn’t look ahead, wasn’t prepared, and realized riding is still not incorporated in my daily routine in the way I want it to be.  But I guess that takes more than half a month to do accomplish, eh?

Next week planning is going to be really important, because I’m banking on riding to class and work as much as I can. Since my legs still aren’t in tip-top shape then I’ll have to skip riding to work on days that I want to go out on a road ride, but for the most part I do want that to be my mode of transportation. Not only will I need to lay out my time well in getting to/from town on my bike (it usually takes about twenty minutes), but I’ll need to plan out my meals. I won’t be able to go to the Cup every morning for a bagel, and I won’t be able to drive home to make lunch during my breaks any more. Three cheers for trying to fit everything I need for a day into my Chrome bag!

Day 17/100
Rained out



P.S. Have you seen these sexy beasts from Independent Fabrication?


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