Day 18/100 : Major Taylor

Isn’t it incredible how many different types of riding there are? Or, how there truly is something for everyone? There are cruisers for relaxing neighborhood rides, touring for slow and steady adventures, road for getting somewhere faster, mountain for serious adventuring, velodrome for going fast in many many circles, polo for a totally different kind of riding, and cross for fun/hell on wheels.  And even if you don’t want to do all of those, you can still have a great time spectating. The atmosphere and environment of races is so much fun to be a part of, especially…especially cross races. The course, and therefore everyone watching, is closer together, it’s noisy, bells, beer, usually mud. Yeah I can’t wait until that season starts again.

Anywho, my friend and I headed to the Major Taylor velodrome last night for a change of pace and obviously to watch the races. It was my first time there in about three years and Marie’s first time ever. Sun King Brewing brought beer, families brought their children, and spectators brought their dogs, all to make another great viewing atmosphere. No wonder my weekends this summer have been so much fun. Every weekend that I’ve gone to a race with friends has turned out spectacularly – good people, good food, good dogs, good weather. Good summer.

I’m off right now to get a warm up ride and run in before I take off again for Indianapolis for the Fountain Square Criterium. Report tomorrow!

Day 18/100
Bike: Batavus
Route: halfway around the neighborhood, squeezed in at lunchtime
Total time: 8:21
Distance: 1.5 miles
Mileage to date: 88 miles
Total time on the bike: 6:33 minutes



P.S. I can’t stop looking through these photos of abandoned Olympic facilities.


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