Day 19/100 : Fountain Square Crit

The (very first?) Fountain Square Crit was yesterday afternoon, and while not all of my friends were racing, I still went down to cheer them on and hang out with other buddies in the area. Being my first time in the Fountain Square area, I have to say I was really impressed with how many business there were, the cultural trail, and how bustling the area still was after everything was cleaned and packed up from the race.

Compared to last weekend (Mass Ave) the race didn’t seem huge, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. The course was pretty interesting with a lot of different turns (anywhere from a 90 degree to a sloping right turn), and it was pleasant to walk. The only thing my buddy Christopher and I wished we had brought were chairs. (I wished for a brewery tent). I hadn’t seen Christopher since the beginning of the summer, and we went by City Market for crepes and a drink at Tomlinson Tap Room for my first beer from Fountain Square Brewery. I was really pleased with the Big Nugget IPA, and well, set me down with a crepe, a beer, and Shark Week, and I’m happy.

As a sidenote, the weather driving back and back home was absolutely perfect and was so reminiscent of North Carolina. Did you see that sunset and those clouds? Goodness gracious. When I got back home the ground was cool on my feet, and falling asleep the air smelled so sweet with the windows open – the only way it could have been more perfect would’ve been if I had been in my sleeping bag camping. All in all, it was an extremely charming and delightful day.

Looks like that’s the last race I’ll be seeing until cross season – September 9! Here in Yorktown! Lion of the Den!

Oh and my ride? I just had to fit in a warm up loop before I ran yesterday, but I’m off today for a real one out on the Greenway and to the Reservoir. Let’s finally get some miles in.

Day 19/100
Bike: Lapierre
Route: warm up ride around the neighborhood before a run
Total time: 7:59
Distance: 1.8 miles
Mileage to date: 90 miles
Total time on the bike: 6:41 minutes



P.S. Have you heard We Barbarians’s cover of Strange Overtones?


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