Day 21/100 : first day commute

Yesterday I got spoiled on my first day of a new schedule – rode into work at 9:30 am, got back home and went to the driving range for a little bit, then worked (er…sort of assisted Adam & Kyle) on my polo bike for the rest of the afternoon. And we got thunderstorms last night! Ahh it was a perfect way to start a week. My colloquium starts next Monday, and during the rest of the week I know I’m not going to love the schedule where I have to ride in at 8 a.m. as much…that’s going to be tough…

I’d love to say that the ride to and from work was great, but to be honest, I was pretty much cursing in my head the entire time. I’m not sure if I’m just still needing to make small adjustments to my Chrome bag, or if it’s plain awkward, but it was frankly a pain to use. The bag itself has some weight to it due to the buckle, and it just felt like I was pulling about fifteen pounds behind me instead of fitting snugly on my back. Maybe I’m also just not used to carrying anything around on my rides, either? Anyways, want a little sneak preview of my polo bike? I found a Trek Singletrack at Dean’s New & Used Bikes in Yorktown Sunday, and it’s almost done. I’ll post about the whole thing when it’s said and done. Hooray!

Day 21/100
Bike: Kona Jake the Snake
Route: White River Greenway
Total time: 28:48
Distance: 6.4 miles
Mileage to date: 119 miles
Total time on the bike: 8:39 minutes



P.S. Stanford’s autonomous Audi TTS


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