Day 23/100 : the bike

I adore all of my bikes, plain and simple. I love each one of them dearly, and I never thought I’d like a mountain bike the same way, but I must say, I think this polo bike turned out to be pretty kick ass. See last Wednesday even more people showed up for polo, which was awesome, but I wanted to play a little bit more, and that requires not being dependent on the Muncie Rental. So last Sunday I drove by Dean’s New & Used in Yorktown, and found this great Trek Singletrack 930. Let the transformation begin!


Get your beer ready

Admire KP’s custom dropouts

Strip unnecessary things from the bike and grind down some teeth

Cut out some stencils

Spray paint! Accidentally paint all your fingers blue!

MUNCIE (KP’s design)



Day 23/100
Ice ice ice. 



P.S. Alison Brie is adorable


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