Days 28/100 : couldn’t sleep

Yesterday started out terribly…a true Manic Monday. Since I start work at 10 on Mondays, I thought I’d go to the Cup (our local coffee shop) to do some of my class readings and have a relaxing morning. But since it was raining, everyone was inside, which meant we were listening to Hip Hop Monday. Meaning the Cup was playing a hip hop Pandora station at 8:00 am. Let me tell you, it’s damn hard having a relaxing morning when Hot in Herre or Usher is playing. I tried so hard to block it out, but those songs are serious earworms and nearly impossible to ignore (and resist dancing to). I’ll just have to try again another day.

Manic Monday continued, but at the end of the day, I put on my favorite dress and went to Savage’s to enjoy good beers with good friends and good people.

After I got home, my mind was too busy to sleep. It was one of those (toss and turning, looking at the clock, getting nervous about how I’m not falling asleep, which in turn makes it even harder to sleep) kind of nights. So again, I gave up, threw my bike shorts on and went out to the golf cart paths. Have you ever ridden on them at night? When you’re the only (hopefully) person out on a pitch black course, it’s completely silent, and the air is beginning to cool off from the summer evening? I highly, highly recommend it. I can’t say I slept like a baby after that, because my mind just still wouldn’t shut off. But it was a good night. A very good Monday night.

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do? Do you treat yourself to something? Keep pushing through? Go on a ride?

Day 28/100

Bike: Kona Jake the Snake
Route: golf course cart paths
Total time: 25:32
Distance: 2.9 miles (you try going really quickly along cart paths at night)
Mileage to date: 134 miles
Total time on the bike: 10:14



P.S. Love these skin illustrations


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