I’ll try anything once, but one of my true loves is cycling. It’s the first sport I took up all on my own (as in, it wasn’t a sport I started because all my friends were doing it or because my parents wanted me to) and when I’m riding it’s one of those “I forget everything that’s going on, and it’s just wonderful.” I miss it like crazy, and I need a challenge to get myself back out there. Though I’ve been riding for five years, in the past two I’ve only gotten out maybe once every three months…you’ll probably be able to see that reflected in my mileage and average speed 🙂

But about me? I’m a twenty-something, one of the many boomerang children of my generation who live with their parents, and soon to be back in school taking philosophy classes while I apply to Masters programs. I also have another blog you might like called The  Bake & Brew – check it!

Enough about me, what’s this blog all about?




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