I planned poorly yesterday (meaning I didn’t plan at all), and ended up missing my ride. My first failed day…boo. Instead of checking the weather to make sure this would work, I just assumed the weather was going to be nice and that I would be able to go on a ride in the evening. So I drove my car to work, then got stuck inside as Muncie received a steady stream of cold rain in the afternoon and evening. I thought that if I ever missed one of my days, it would be because of total lack of motivation – just being tired and lazy. Well with this rainy day, I certainly still just wanted to be in PJs and watch a movie, but I still wanted to ride. It didn’t look ahead, wasn’t prepared, and realized riding is still not incorporated in my daily routine in the way I want it to be.  But I guess that takes more than half a month to do accomplish, eh?

Next week planning is going to be really important, because I’m banking on riding to class and work as much as I can. Since my legs still aren’t in tip-top shape then I’ll have to skip riding to work on days that I want to go out on a road ride, but for the most part I do want that to be my mode of transportation. Not only will I need to lay out my time well in getting to/from town on my bike (it usually takes about twenty minutes), but I’ll need to plan out my meals. I won’t be able to go to the Cup every morning for a bagel, and I won’t be able to drive home to make lunch during my breaks any more. Three cheers for trying to fit everything I need for a day into my Chrome bag!

Day 17/100
Rained out



P.S. Have you seen these sexy beasts from Independent Fabrication?


Last night was a blast, with just one little hiccup. It was your basic great Friday night, starting off with the best margaritas in Muncie at Casa del Sol with some Olympic diving, and ending with a lot of dancing. But it really ended with one small problem, when my friend and I were riding back from downtown. We first got caught by one of the many many trains that go through town, decided to take a detour through the campus/village area, and when we stopped so I could put a light on my bike we heard that dreaded hissing noise coming from his front tire. No, not that mysterious ticking noise. That dreaded hissing noise.

So five miles away from home with a flat tire…walk? ride on it? Nope, call home and have parentals come pick us up.

Sorry for the blurry and dark picture…it was super late and super dark.

On just day 4 I’m feeling pretty great about all this, but my legs are definitely feeling pretty sore. I think most of that soreness is from my run the other day, and not stretching as much as I should. I’ll most likely just be taking a quick couple spins around the block and doing some yoga today to loosen my legs up.

Day 4/100
Bike: Cross Kona Jake the Snake
Route: White River Boulevard
Total time: 29:49
Distance: 6.5 miles
Mileage to date: 27.9 miles
Total time on the bike: 2:00:56



P.S. A glow in the dark skate park