For the first thirteen days of this, at least one set of muscles have ached or creaked each morning after rides. After I rode my cruiser, it was usually my quads. After riding the Kona, it was usually my calves (as I have cages instead of clips). After riding my road bike, well, I was just spent. Yesterday, everything came together to just plain hurt any time I moved: calves, quads, shins (from a run Sunday), and my back. So it was finally time for me to break the streak and take a rest day.

Enter yoga, a foam roller, PJs, asparagus, and pancakes. And How to Train Your Dragon. My body wasn’t letting me do anything else except stretch and lay on the couch.

I was really nervous about taking a rest day. I know how beneficial it is for your body, and how resting really does make your body stronger. However, I know that if I take a break from something it’s really hard for me to get started again. So I have to do everything possible to get back out on a ride today to pick this back up, because I’m going to need to embrace rest to get the most out of riding. And survive until day 100.

Day 14/100



P.S. Oh god.