As I had to actually give running a try last night, my ride was just around a neighborhood loop on a supposedly cushy cruiser seat.

I still prefer these.

On September 8 I’m running my first 5K since middle school cross country days, and I’m hell-bent on making it happen. Last year I had to back out of a 10K with my friend Marie as I hurt my ankle from trying to put in too many miles too quickly, so this year’s goal is both realistic and fun (this run looks like such. a. blast). Plus, a few of my girlfriends are going to join in as well!

I know I’ll be able to run the 5K, but the question remains of how much it’s going to hurt. Currently I can run barely more than a mile without needing to take a walk break, and I’d love to run this one straight through. My first love was running, but there’s no way I’d go out of a run now if I didn’t have to prep for this. Whether it’s for a sport or passion – do you like to sign up for an event or have a deadline to keep you accountable?


Day 3/100
Bike: La Bicyclette Noire (Huffy black cruiser)
Route: neighborhood loop
Total time: 7:33
Distance: 1.2 miles. WOOAHHHH easy now…
Mileage to date: 21.4 miles



P.S. Have you seen these London 2012 Underground Supporter posters?